Control Guide:

W Fly forward   A D Turning

LeftShift Boost Speed

Q Going up E Droping Down

← → Bank Fly Rise Head Drop Head

Space Shooting

Can you protect this forest from being attacked by a group of Panther?  Do you want to drive a plane? let's try this! 

How to play:

In 100 seconds, Player have to kill the panther which try to eat the Stags.

Player have 2 way to wing: 1st keeping at least one Stag when the time is out. 2nd is killing all Panther. If Stags all die, Player will lose.

It is a good time to test how good player are good at control the Fighter plane

because of some issues of commiting to Github,  I  can only share the project from Google drive


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Before play, wow, this games looks nice! After play, well, this game is kind of weird. No introduction, no clue what am I doing. But it is good to hear I saved the forest. Also, the background music is nice. I really like it.

while I keep pressing DOWN, the graph kind getting weird.

Overall, very cute little game to play. Still a lot can be improved.

First comment, still me. By the way, how long did you used to make this game? Just curious.